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Speakers & Presenters

All presenters (oral or poster) have been notified of their submission decision. 

Speakers are required to REGISTER for and attend the Annual Meeting and cover their own travel expenses. There is no discounted rate for speakers.

Oral Presentation Instructions  

Please review the Audiovisual Guidelines when preparing your presentation. Once the Audiovisual Guidelines have been reviewed, please click the link to upload your presentation online.

You will need to login using the following credentials: 

User Name: E-mail address (email address used to submit your abstract online)
Password: WL64CN27 (it is case sensitive)

Please keep this login information for reference
If you have any technical questions, please contact
Email: (720) 440-8330
* ask for the IT Department

Speaker Ready Room / Onsite Instructions

Check-in is REQUIRED for all presenters!
If possible, please check-in at the Speaker Ready Room 4 hours BEFORE your presentation!

Production Resource Group requests that all presenters use PowerPoint Presentations. All meeting rooms will be provided with presentation computers and will be networked to a central server located in the Speaker Ready Room.

Presenters are encouraged and expected to bring their own memory device or CD-ROM to the Speaker Ready Room; whereas, they will have the opportunity to review their presentations or make any last minute changes.

During this time, you are able to edit your presentation. However, please identify that all fonts appear as expected, and that all sound or video clips are working properly as well.

When the presentation is to be given, the file will be accessed via the conference menu on the computer in the meeting room. Once the presentation is launched, you (the speaker) will control the program from the podium using a computer mouse.