Message Points for Impacts of NPDES

As West Nile virus and EEE control measures have captured the media's attention during the recent outbreaks, activists have begun using this as an opportunity to dismiss our claims of NPDES impacts on our capabilities to provide comprehensive control measures to safeguard public health. Recently, a Water Policy Report sported the headline, “Despite Criticism, West Nile Spraying Unhampered By EPA Pesticide Permit”, a theme which seemingly reinforces the activist's argument, but on closer review of the facts and quotes therein, provides little support for the headline's stark pronouncement. Controversial claims such as this often engender media inquiries to districts in order to obtain either confirmation or foment debate. Therefore, it is important that the AMCA membership both be able to place the article in proper context and make the case that, in fact, NPDES is hampering our ability to provide our citizenry with the services they've come to expect. To this end,  you will find a bulleted list of message points that you can use if confronted by the Water Policy Report or similar rationale as a means to undermine our argument for legislative relief from CWA via HR 872 or HR 872 language in the Farm Bill under consideration. Much of the information included was kindly provided by AMCA members responding to the request issued through blast email earlier this week. We are aware that the list is lengthy and detailed. This is not by accident, as we hope that it will afford you a number of options to cut and paste those most germane to your needs as well as provide an appreciation of the depth and scope of the problem on a national scale. The bullets in bold lettering are our message points, with the indented bullets providing documentation.

AMCA's efforts, in conjunction with other user groups and industry coalitions, to obtain a legislative fix to the NPDES requirements continue apace - with proactive liaisons with key House and Senate members and staffers. The list of message points will also provide a countervailing set of arguments should your legislators begin to think a legislative fix to the NPDES issue is not needed, particularly if they choose to use the article to bolster that view. Please feel free to forward this document to your representative and Senators.