Election Bios 2017

Board of Director Nominee Bios


Please click the links below to review the nominee bios before casting your vote. If you are a voting member of AMCA and have not received your electronic ballot, please email us at amca@mosquito.org.



Jason Kinley



Ary Faraji

Rui-De (Rudy) Xue



Members are only eligible to vote for the Regional Director for the region in which they reside. Please note, not all Regional Directors are up for election/re-election this year.


South Atlantic

Christopher Lesser*


South Central

Herff Jones


North Atlantic

Robert Duryea*


North Pacific

Gregory Barron

Desiree Keeney


South Pacific

Michelle Brown*

Gary Goodman

Jamie Scott

James Will



Roberto Barrera

Catalina Alfonso-Parra



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