AMCA Young Professionals

At the 2010 AMCA Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors and the Membership Committee decided that it was time to further engage students and young professionals starting out in mosquito control.Young Professionals Logo
By the end of the week, Alexandra Chaskopoulou, AMCA's 2009 Student Competition winner, had taken the idea and run with it. Before the Board could even say "AMCA Young Professionals", Alexandra had taken a group of students to the University of Kentucky Entomology Department to check out their program and the AMCA's Young Professionals group was born.
The purpose of this group is:
1.    To promote interaction among young professionals in the field of mosquito control and research.  Members may be students (undergraduates/graduates) with an interest in medical entomology, mosquito control/industry employees, research scientists/post docs in government/private institutions new in the professional world (~5 years or less).
2.    To promote interaction between young professionals and well-established, experienced and well known professionals in the field of mosquito control and research.
3.    To promote already existing student activities during the AMCA annual meeting (i.e. the student competition) and create new activities to increase participation of AMCA young professionals.
a.    At least one activity and one social should be organized during every annual meeting.
4.    To highlight research/professional achievements of AMCA Young Professionals.
5.    To HAVE FUN!!!
•    Individual must be a member of AMCA.
•    Individual can be a student (undergraduate or graduate) or anyone in the mosquito control profession (industry, government, MADs, etc) with 5 years or less experience.

Article on the Young Professionals Group from Wing Beats Fall 2010