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Area-wide Mosquito Abatement Techniques and COVID-19

Tuesday, April 7, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Recently, the AMCA has received media inquiries regarding area-wide spraying for COVID-19 control.  The statement below is intended to equip AMCA members with similar inquiries from the media, general public and others.


It’s difficult to foresee a situation where aerial spraying with disinfectant would be either required or solicited. Furthermore, spraying disinfectant antivirals from aircraft over large areas might also have adverse ecological effects in addition to contributing to resistant viruses. It’s not surprising that our adulticiding measures to control arbovirus transmission could be seen by the public to represent a potential large-scale coronavirus control method. However, the public needs to be reminded that ULV applications, whether by truck mounted or aerial platforms, are by their very nature ephemeral and not meant to control targets by residual exposure. ULV application is neither appropriate for the control of influenza nor for the current COVID-19 pandemic. 


The United State Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) also does not recommend use of fumigation or wide-area spraying to control COVID-19. On their website at  the Agency states that, "Fumigation and wide-area spraying are not appropriate tools for cleaning contaminated surfaces."