AMCA 86th Annual Conference Presentations

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the AMCA Board of Directors decided to cancel our organization’s annual meeting that was scheduled in Portland, Oregon during March 16-20, 2020. Some of the presenters who were scheduled for the conference have been kind enough to provide their presentation material and information to us so we could share them with you.

Most presentations are in PDF format for ease of viewing.


2018 CDC Hurricane Recovery and Enhanced Capacity Grant
Presenter: Herff M.P. Jones | File Size: 2.07 MB | Click Here to view.

A Survey of Mosquito Diversity Collected by the New DynaTrap LED Flying Insect Traps
Presenters: Georgina V Bingham, Braden Wojahn, Karen McKenzie | File Size: 977 KB | Click Here to view.

Anopheles Composition in the Malaria Endemic Region of Gracias a Dios, La Mosquitia Honduras 2017-2018
Presenter: Allan Reyes Garcia | File Size: 1.27 MB | Click Here to view.

Building an APP (Aedes Predator Pod) - Mosquito Assassins as Mosquito Awareness Ambassadors
Presenter: Anita Schiller | File Size: 966 KB | Click Here to view.

Building an Inexpensive Insectary
Presenters: Broox Boze, Kellie Nestrud, Kris New and Dan Markowski | File Size: 4.94 MB | Click Here to view.

Cutting Fogging Costs with IOT Devices
Presenters: Michael Schem and Tim Sloncz | File Size: 528 KB | Click Here to view.

Determining if Students are "Competent Vectors" of Our Message at Home
Presenter: Carol Anne Hagele | File Size: 677 KB | Click Here to view.

Effects of Storage Temperature and Freeze-thaw Cycles on the Stability of West Nile Virus Positive Mosquito Homogenate in the Ambion MagMAX Lysis/Binding Solution
Presenter: Jesse Erandio | File Size: 971 KB | Click Here to view.

Evaluation of a Large-Scale Dengue Virus Surveillance Technology Using Adult Oviposition Traps in Espírito Santo State, Brazil
Presenters: Bruna Souza, Amanda Freitas, Ana Paula Matos, Victor Maia, Luis Barroso, Carlos Peçanha and Lucas Zanandrez | File Size: 197 KB | Click Here to view.

Growing Together: The NACCHO Model for Capacity-Building in Local Vector Programs
Presenter: Shannon Davis | File Size: 1.22 MB | Click Here to view.

Humanizing Mosquito Control
Presenter: Elizabeth Morabito | File Size: 8.21 MB | Click Here to view.

Influence of Sex Ratio and Density on the Comparative Repellency of IR3535® Against Caged Aedes, Anopheles and Culex Mosquitoes
Presenter: Howard Epstein | File Size: 537 KB | Click Here to view.

Multi-sectorial Participation and Engagement of Traditional Authorities in the Successful Planning and Implementation of a Long-lasting Insecticide Treated Hammock Net Campaign in a Remote Indigenous Region of Panama
Presenters: Mariela Mosquera, Marcela Outten, Sol Berguido, Nicholas Presley, Dagoberto Atencio, Cipriano Ayarza, Tara Seethaler, Lizbeth Cerezo, Santiago Chérigo, Eneristo Robinson, Leopoldo González and Daragh Gibson | File Size: 6.22 MB (pptx file) | Click Here to view.

Outreach to Beehive Owners in Our District:Lessons Learned
Presenters: Patrick Irwin and Dan Bartlett | File Size: 1.86 MB | Click Here to view.

Phase III Community Study for Evaluation of Imergard™ Wettable Powder (WP) for Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) in Tanzania
Presenter: Carly Marshall | File Size: 5.27 MB | Click Here to view.

Pyrethroid Registration: Review and Updates
Presenter: Daniel Dawson | File Size: 236 KB | Click Here to view.

Software Development Doesn't Have to be Hard...
Presenter: Peter Bonkrude, MS | File Size: 13.1 MB | Click Here to view.

Study to Determine Spatial Repellent Effects of Synexis Biodefense System on Mosquito Species in an Indoor Environment
Presenters: Douglas Bosma, Tristan Grush, Jing Zhai and Neta Wicker | File Size: 936 KB | Click Here to view.

Time in a Bottle
Presenter: Danny M. Miller | File Size: 5.33 MB | Click Here to view.

Using Computer Vision to Count Aedes Aegypti Eggs with a Smartphone
Presenters: Gabriel Krieshok and Carolina Torres Gutierrez | File Size: 0.98 MB | Click Here to view.