Legislative and regulatory issues can have a profound effect on how mosquito control is practiced. Because of this, the AMCA devotes considerable resources to ensure that these problems are addressed in as timely and professional manner as possible. To this end, AMCA maintains a Legislative & Regulatory Committee, comprised of subcommittees devoted to specific issue categories such as the Endangered Species Act, Chemical Control, the Clean Water Act, the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, Federal Lands and Federal Funding.

In addition, AMCA has membership on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee in order to provide input into the regulatory process at a federal advisory level. A workshop conference is conducted each year in Washington to provide a venue for individual AMCA members to visit their respective legislators and directly communicate their concerns as private citizens. AMCA strives to keep its membership informed on pertinent legislation and regulatory actions through newsletters, conference presentations, and official email correspondence.


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L&R Committee Request for Help- Important Funding Matters

The AMCA Legislative and Regulatory Committee needs help from members in reaching out to Congress on important funding measures to enhance the capabilities of vector control and surveillance across the country. We are asking our members of Congress through the attached appropriations requests (see below) to find the funding to support these programs. Congress needs these requests so that they know what their constituents are asking for on a local level.
It's easy. Add yourself as the local contact on the following forms:
Next, we would like you to modify the attached letter to include your local information and the name of your Representative. If your representative sits on the Agriculture committee, then attach the IR-4 appropriations request. If they sit on the Labor, Health and Human Services Committee, then attach the 2 CDC appropriations requests. 
The list of representatives and contact emails are on the attached spreadsheets:
Please bcc Gary Goodman and Angela Beehler so we can track our progress. These requests need to be in before March 8th
Thank you for your help!