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Awards & Recognitions

AMCA awards recognize individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the Association, to medical entomology and public health, and to the development and implementation of mosquito control methods and/or equipment.

Award Nominations

Each year AMCA conducts an awards nominations and selection process. The nomination process takes place in the late spring and summer.

The association will advertise the awards and nomination process each year. Awards will be presented at the following nomination.

2025 Awards Nominations

Please nominate your colleagues and peers who are deserving of recognition. Nominations and the required supporting documents (if applicable) must be received by August 9, 2024, to be considered.

Be sure to review the definitions and requirements for awards below.

Please send nominations and nominee contact information via e-mail to Kristen Healy, Awards Committee Chair, at

Help Us Memorialize Our Members

Each year, at the Annual Meeting, AMCA recognizes the members who have passed away in the prior year. We encourage our membership to submit members who have passed away to be honored using the form here: 

AMCA Awards

Medal of Honor: This is the highest award given by the AMCA. The only requirement for this award is AMCA membership. Otherwise, nominees for this award should be selected on the basis of exceptional contributions to mosquito control and the field in general, which are judged by their peers to be truly outstanding. To nominate a deserving individual for the Medal of Honor include: a letter of nomination; a complete CV of the nominee; and three letters of support.

Meritorious Service: This award is given for service to AMCA that is considered outstanding by the peers of the nominee. Only AMCA members in good standing are eligible.

John N. Belkin Award: This award is given for meritorious contributions to the field of mosquito systematics and/or biology. Recipients need not be members of the AMCA.

Industry Award: This award is presented to a representative mosquito/vector-related industry that has significantly advanced the work of mosquito and/or vector control or research. Recipients need not be members of the AMCA.

Boyd-Ariaz Grass Roots Award: This award recognizes non-supervisory field staff and technician excellence by providing funds to assist in attendance and participation in the AMCA Annual meeting. Grassroots Award recipient will receive a complimentary meeting registration, a plaque, a $200 check to the award recipient, and up to $500 to cover reimbursement of meeting expenses paid to the sponsoring agency upon submission of receipts. Nominees for the award must come from the manager or supervisor of a mosquito control agency. The nominating manager needs to acknowledge that if their employee is chosen as the Grass Roots Award recipient then their district/agency is responsible for supporting the travel to, and from, and lodging at the AMCA Annual Meeting for the awardees. Furthermore, nominees need to be individuals who are active in field mosquito control. Nominations consist of a brief biographical sketch and a statement of why the individual is deserving of the award. Nominations are sent to the AMCA Regional Director in the nominee’s region. Recipients need not be members of the AMCA.

JAMCA Service Award: The JAMCA Service Award, new in 2024, recognizes individuals for outstanding contributions to the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association (JAMCA). Given to exemplary reviewers and contributors, this accolade celebrates dedication, expertise, and commitment to enhancing JAMCA's scholarly impact and quality.

Memorial Lecturer and Honoree(s): The Memorial Lecturer award is given to an outstanding speaker selected by the Awards Committee and approved by the Board of Directors to present the annual Memorial Lecture in honor of the Memorial Lecture Honoree. Recipients need not be members of the AMCA.

AMCA Honorary Member: Any person who has rendered exceptionally distinguished service in the various fields of mosquito control and related work may be accorded special recognition by election to honorary membership by receiving a three-fourths majority of a mail ballot vote by the AMCA members. Nomination for this honor must first be in writing, addressed to the AMCA Board of Directors, and mailed to the AMCA Headquarters, as well as bear the signatures of ten members in good standing and be endorsed by three-fourths of the Board. Honorary members shall receive the Journal of the AMCA and the AMCA Newsletter, and enjoy the same privileges as regular members and pay no dues. There shall be a limit of 15 honorary members.


AMCA Award Recipients

Grassroots Award

2002    Salvador Rico Harris County Mosquito Control, Texas
2005 Omar S. Akbari Reno Washoe County, Nevada
Christopher Trapp Multnomah County Vector Control, Oregon
2006 John Phelps Mercer County, New Jersey
2008 Chris Frame Cape May County, New Jersey
2009 Jason Craig Hardman SaltLakeCity MAD, Utah
2010 Jessica Fales Midland County MC, Michigan
Gary Hillsdale Metropolitan MCD, Minnesota
Elizabeth Vice Butte County MVCD, California
2011 David Bruget Kings MAD, California
Russell Eck Washoe County Health District, Nevada
Phillip Henry Butte County MVCD, California
Levi Zhan Williston VCD, North Dakota
2012 Mike Smith Anastasia MCD, Florida
2013 Arturo Gutierrez Coachella Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District, California
Michael Martinez Coachella Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District, California
David Lopez Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District, California
Martin Serrano Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District, California
2014 Dell Boyd Butte County MVCD, California
John McCready Jackson County VCD, Oregon
Gaby Perezchica-Harvey Coachella Valley MVCD, California
Geneva Ginn Coachella Valley MVCD, California
2015 Kevin Hill Pasco County Mosquito Control District, Florida
Terry Sanderson Lake County Vector Control District, California
Richard Ortiz Coachella Valley MVCD, California
Melissa Snelling Coachella Valley MVCD, California
2016 Janet Nelson Northwest Mosquito & Vector Control District, California
Patrick Morgan Indian River Mosquito Control District, Florida
Richard Weaver Anastasia Mosquito Control District, Florida
2017 Gregorio Alvarado Coachella Valley Mosquito & VCD, California
Haley Bastien Shasta Mosquito & Vector Control District, California
Aaron Lumsden Butte County MVCD, California
Danny Ray Hood Beach Mosquito Control District, Florida
2018 Jessica Dieckmann County of San Diego Vector Control Program, California
James Wynn Anastasia Mosquito Control District, Florida
Stefan Sielsch El Dorado County Vector Control, California
Kyle Yager Hillsborough County Mosquito Control, Florida
2019 James Binnall North Shore Mosquito Abatement District, Illinois
Corey Boyer Shasta Mosquito & Vector Control District, California
David Delgado Virgin Islands Department of Health, Virgin Islands
Aubrey Drummond Virgin Islands Department of Health, Virgin Islands
Gerald Michael Hart Indian River Mosquito Mosquito Control District, Florida
2020 Chad Kirkley
2021 Reynaldo Morales Puerto Rico Vector Control Unit
Rafael Saavedra-Hernandez Puerto Rico Vector Control Unit
Marc Kensington Coachella Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District
Andrea Dewsnup Salt Lake City MAD
2022 Bryan Ruiz Delta MVCD
Charles Rodriguez Coachella Valley MVCD
Travis Edwards Lee County MCD
Greg Mercado Greater Los Angeles County VCD
2023 Gonzalo Valadez Coachella Valley MVCD
Cristhian Sánchez Rolón Unidad Control de Vectores de Puerto Rico
Noemí Martinez-Tull Unidad Control de Vectores de Puerto Rico
Yanet Chiong Miami Dade County MCD
2024 Marla Garcia Perez Unidad Control de Vectores de Puerto Rico
Mathew Garfin Northwest Mosquito & Vector Control District
Gerald Chuzel Coachella Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District


Honorary Members

1937    L. O. Howard (USDA)     1974      T. G. Raley (CA)
1938 C. C. Adams (NY)     1976      J. A. Mulrennan, Sr. (FL)
1944 T. J. Headlee (NJ)     1979      T. D. Mulhern (CA)
W. B. Herms (CA)      A. W. Morrill, Jr. (CA)
J. A. LePrince (USPHS)     1981      W. R. Horsfall (IL)
L. L. Williams, Jr. (USPHS)     1983       A. W. A. Brown (WHO)
1948 R. D. Glascow (NY)     1991      K. L. Knight (NC)
W. V. King (USDA)     1994      H. C. Chapman (LA)
1951 L. W. Hackett (CA)      L. T. Nielsen (UT)
R. Matheson (NY)     1998      E. J. Gerberg (MD)
1955 H. F. Gray (CA)      G. C. Collett (UT)
1958 L. A. Stearns (DE)     1999      D. R. Johnson (GA)
1964 G. H. Bradley (USPHS/USDA)     2001      F. Knapp (KY)
1965 A. W. Lindquist (KS)     2003      E. John Beidler (FL)
1967 F. L. Stutz (FL)     2003     Dave Dame (FL)
1970 R. L. Vannote (NJ)     2005     Donald J. Sutherland
R. Fay (USPHS)     2006      Martin S. Chomsky (NJ)
1971 C. T. Williamson (NY)     2013      Judy Hansen (NJ)


Harold Farnsworth Gray Memorial Citation of Meritorious Service to AMCA

This award is to be presented to an active member of AMCA for exceptional service to the Association and to mosquito control or related vector control.

1964 - F. C. Bishopp (DC)


Dr. Thomas J. Headlee Memorial Award

This award recognizes a living member of the Association for outstanding service to the field of mosquito control, while simultaneously commemorating the name of a deceased member.

1968 - G. H. Bradley (USDA/USPHS)


Medal of Honor

Next to honorary membership the highest award regularly given by AMCA, the only specific limitation for the Medal of Honor is AMCA membership. Otherwise, nominees are selected on the basis of exceptional contributions to mosquito control or related fields. After 1982 the Board of Directors set a suggested maximum of one Medal of Honor per year.

1972   M. W. Provost (FL) 1994 R. A. Ward (MD)
  W. R. Horsfall (IL) 1995 T. W. Miller (FL)
1973   D. M. Rees (UT) 1996 M. Laird (New Zealand)
  T. D. Mulhern (CA) 1997 R. K. Washino (CA)
1974   A. W. A. Brown (WHO) 1998 J. D. Edman (MA)
  D. L. Collins (NY) 1999 B. F. Eldridge (CA)
1975   D. M. Jobbins (NJ) 2000 J. A. Hansen (NJ)
  A. W. Lindquist (USDA) 2001 G. G. Clark (USPHS)
1976   A. W. Morrill, Jr. (CA) 2002 L. G. Terracina (LA)
  C. N. Smith (USDA) 2003 R. J. Novak (IL)
1978   J. B. Kitzmiller (FL) 2004 Jimmie Long (TX)
  W. D. Murray (CA) 2005 James W. Robinson (FL)
1979   R. F. Peters (CA) 2006 John L. Clarke Jr.
1980   W. E. Bickley (MD) 2007 E. John Beidler (FL)
  J. N. Belkin (CA) 2008 David Dame (FL)
1981   S. J. Carpenter (CA) 2009 Gary Breeden (VA)
  R. E. Dorer (VA) Dan Ariaz (NV)
1982   K. L. Knight (NC) 2010 Mir S. Mulla (CA)
  W. C. Reeves (CA) 2011 Dave Brown (CA)
1983   H. D. Pratt (GA) 2012 Sammie Dickson (UT)
 J. A. Mulrennan, Sr. (FL) 2013 Wayne Crans (NJ)
1984   G. T. Carmichael (LA) 2014 Chester G. Moore (CO)
1985   N. G. Gratz (WHO) 2015 Major S. Dhillon (CA)
1986   J. R. Caton (CA) Jorge Arias (VA)
1987   J. Graham (UT) 2016 Graham White (FL)
1988   L. T. Nielsen (UT) 2017 Dr. Randy Gaugler (NJ)
1989   A. Spielman (MA) Allan Inman (CA)
1990   G. C. Collett (UT) 2018 Bill Meredith (DE)
1991   H. C. Chapman (LA) Dr. Roger Nasci (IL)
1992   D. B. Francy (CO)  2019 Jonathan Day (TX)
1993   G. L. Challet (CA) Bruce Harrison (NC)
 2020 Joe Conlon
 2021 Steve Mulligan
 2022 Dr. Ruide Xue
 2023 Ken Linthicum
Janet McAllister
2024 Roxanne Connelly
Dan Kline




Meritorious Service Award

Given to individuals for outstanding service, the contributions of the nominees must be considered outstanding as judged by their peers. Only AMCA members in good standing who are not past presidents of AMCA are eligible. After 1982 the Board of Directors set a suggested maximum of no more than 2 awards per year.


1972 C. F. Scheel (IL) 1988 C. G. Moore (CO)
D. L. Collins (NY 1989 J. Billodeaux (LA)
T. G. Raley (CA) E. S. Bordes, Jr. (LA)
1973 F. P. Creadon (IL) 1990 R. D. Morton (WA)
V. Conant (NJ) L. G. Terracina (LA)
A. W. Morrill, Jr. (CA) 1991 D. A. Dame (FL)
1974 L. D. Beadle (USPHS) 1992 J. Mix (OH)
J. H. Brawley (CA) 1993 W. Hazeltine (CA)
J. W. Kilpatrick (GA) 1994 S. A. Wagner (MI)
T. O. Fultz (GA) 1995 F. W. Wagner (KY)
H. R. Greenfield (CA) 1996 D. J. Sutherland (NJ)
P. J. Hunt (FL) R. A. Ward (MD)
W. C. McDuffie (USDA) 1997 R. S. Nasci (CO)
D. R. Johnson (GA) T. J. Zavortink (CA)
H. Sollers-Riedel (DC) 1998 J. D. Long (TX)
1975 L. E. Fronk (UT) 1999 H. B. Munns (CA)
J. G. McWilliams (USN) 2000 L. Bohn (VA)
L. J. Ogden (USPHS) D. McCreary (VA)
R. Pal (WHO) 2001 C. T. Palmisano (LA)
K. D. Quarterman (USPHS) 2002 T. G. Floore (FL)
H.F.School(USPHS) Sherry McLaughlin (TX)
1976 R. A. Armstrong (MA) 2003 W. L. Kramer (NE)
O. Breeland (TX) J. L. Clarke, Jr. (IL)
G. B. Craig, Jr. (IN) 2004 Yadira Rangel (South America)
C. M. Gjullin (USDA) Jim Robinson (FL)
R. L. Metcalf (IL) 2005 Major S. Dhillon (CA)
T. W. Miller (FL) William H. Meredith (DE)
D. J. Pletsch (Mexico) 2006 William J. Sames
G. M. Stokes (LA) 2007 Henry Rupp (NJ)
L. Vargas (Mexico) 2008 Allan Inman (CA)
1978 R. C. Axtell (NC) Manuel Lluberas (FL)
1979 M. E. C. Giglioli (BWI) 2009 Joseph Conlon (FL)
1980 J. D. Gorman (FL) 2010 Norbert Becker (Germany)
D. E. Weidhaas (FL) 2011 Harry Savage (CO)
E. J. Beidler (FL) L.A.Williams (SC)
E. J. Gerberg (MD) 2012 Lal S. Mian (CA)
1981 A. R. Barr (CA) Edsel M. Fussell (FL)
D. F. Boyd (FL) 2013 Kenneth Linthicum (FL)
G. L. Challet (CA) 2014 Diann Crane (MN)
E. Smith (VA) Daniel Kline (FL)
1982 H. A. Jamback (NY) 2015 Mark Latham (FL)
D. R. Johnson (GA) 2016 Dr. Rui-de Xue (FL)
H. D. Newsome (MI) Dr. William Reisen (CA)
J. V. Smith (GA) 2017 Dr. Michael Turell (MD)
1983 R. F. Darsie (CO) 2018 Gary Goodman (CA)
R. A. Ward (DC) 2019 Angela Beehler (WA)
1984 S. G. Breeland (FL) 2020 Michael Riles
D. J. Sutherland (NJ) 2021 Mustapha Debboun
1985 J. C. Kuschke (NJ) 2024 Michelle Brown
J. R. Caton (CA)
1986 C. L. Meek (LA)
1987 J. Combs (CA)


Presidential Citation

The Presidential Citation recognizes individuals not eligible to receive other awards but who are eminently deserving of special recognition by AMCA. Recipients need not be AMCA members. After 1982 the Board of Directors set a suggested maximum of no more than 2 awards per year.

1980 J. M. Poche' (LA) J. Margalit (Israel)
L. E. Fronk (UT) 2002 D. Moore (FL)
J. B. Leslie (NJ) H. R. Rupp (NJ)
1981 L. G. Raiche (GA) 2003 J. R. McNelly (NJ)
M. S. Slater (NY) B. Bonnett (MN)
1982 K. G. Nolan (NY) 2004 Jim Brown (FL)
C. F. Scheel (IL) 2005 Mark Newberg (IL)
1983 C. E. Knowles (NY) Susan Maggy (CA)
1984 R. Treichler (DC) 2006 Teung Chin
1985 L. T. Cowper (USAID) 2007 Karl Malamud-Roam (CA)
J. B. Wells (NY) 2008 William H. Meredith (DE)
1986 T. O. Fultz (GA) 2009 Rep. Dennis Cardoza (CA)
1987 S. Colvin (IL) 2010 Gordon Patterson (FL)
1988 D. Sprenger (TX) Gary Clark (FL)
1989 F. C. Roberts (CA) Yasmin Rubio-Palis (Venezuela)
1990 L. E. Munsterman (IN) 2011 Angela Beehler (WA)
1991 J. D. Long (TX) Roxanne Connelly (FL)
1992 C. D. Morris (FL) 2012 Truc Dever (CA)
1993 R. J. Novak (IL) 2013 Robert Peterson (MT)
1994 J. W. Robinson (FL) 2014 Salvador Rico (TX)
D. Ariaz (NV) 2015 Kristen Burkhalter (CO)
1995 S. Kuzenski (LA) Elizabeth Cline (CA)
1996 C. Tanner (IL)) 2016 Angela Beehler (WA)
S. L. Dickson (UT) John Biedler
1997 C. T. Palmisano (LA) 2017 Peter Connelly (FL)
G. J. Wichterman (FL) Larry Smith (GA)
1998 D. B. Carlson (FL)  2018 Stephen Sickerman (FL)
1999 C. Beesley (CA) Isik Unlu (NJ)
D. R. Johnson (GA)  2019 Brian Byrd (NC)
2000 P. B. Ghormley (CA) Rui-De Xue (FL)
D. Brown (CA) 2020 Levy Sun (CA)
2001 D. Menard (LA) Harry Savage (CO)
2021 Gary Hatch (CA)
Kristen Healy (LA)
2022 Catalina Alfonso-Parra
Tianyun Steven Su
2023  Ary Faraji
 Jennifer Gordon
2024 Mark Clifton
Priscilla Matton


John N. Belkin Award

The John N. Belkin Award is given for meritorious contributions to the field of mosquito systematics and/or biology and may be given to anyone judged by his/her peers to be worthy. Usually, a maximum of one award per year is given.

1981 B. de Meillon (PA) 1999 Y. -M. Huang (DC)
1982 L. Rozeboom (IL) 2000 L. T. Nielsen (UT)
1983 K. L. Knight (NC) 2001 J. F. Reinert (FL)
1984 T. J. Zavortink (CA) 2002 R. F. Darsie (FL)
1985 S. J. Carpenter (CA) 2003 R. C. Wilkerson (MD)
1986 P. Marks & J. Reid (Australia) 2004 Kazulo Tanaka (Japan)
1987 J. B. Kitzmiller (FL) 2005 Ronald A. Ward (MD)
1988 A. Stone (MD) 2006 Bill Reisen (CA)
1989 P. Galindo (Panama) 2008 Maria Anice Mureb Sallum (Brazil)
1990 P. Mattingly (UK) 2010 Daniel Strickman (MD)
1991 P. J. Duret (Argentina) 2011 Rampa Rattanarithikul, Ph.D. (Thailand)
1992 B. A. Harrison (NC) 2012 Maureen Coetzee, Ph.D. (South Africa)
1993 E. L. Peyton (DC) 2013 John F. Anderson (CT)
1994 T. H. G. Aitken (CT) 2014 Graham White (FL)
1995 O. P. Forattini (Brazil) 2015 Elena B. Vinogradova (Russia
1996 A. R. Barr (CA) 2017 Dr. George F. O’Meara (FL)
  M. W. Service (UK) 2018 Dr. L. Philip Lounibos (FL)
1997 C. Dahl (Sweden) 2019 Norbert Becker (Germany)
1998 R. E. Harbach (UK) 2020 Jan Conn
2021  Ken Linthicum
2022  Dr. Chet Moore
2023  John Edman
 Bruce Eldridge
    2024 William Bradshaw
      Christina Holzapfel



Memorial Lecture Honoree and Memorial Lecture Award

The Memorial Lecture Honoree must be one who has made exceptional contributions to the broad field of mosquito control during his/her lifetime. If there is more than one honoree in a given year, then the group must have made significant contributions as a team or equal stature in the same time frame and to the same aspect of mosquito control. The Memorial Lecturer Award is given to an outstanding speaker (one per year) to present the annual Memorial Lecture in honor of the Memorial Lecture Honoree. The Memorial Lecture Award is not limited to a member of AMCA, but the recipient should be a recognized authority in the broad field of vector control.

1979   Don M. Rees J. D. Gillett Out for Blood: Flight Orientation Upwind & in the Absence of Visual Clues
1980 Maurice W. Provost A. W. A. Brown What Have Insecticides Done For Us?
1981 Leland O. Howard L. J. Bruce-Chwatt Leland Ossian Howard (1857Ц19509) and Malaria Control Then and Now.
1982 Carlos Finlay Walter Reed William Gorgas Fred Soper William C. Reeves A Memorial to Finlay, Reed, Gorgas and Soper as Major Contributors to Present-Day Concepts Essential for Control of Mosquito-Borne Viruses.
1983 Harry H. Stage Michael W. Service Biological Control of MosquitoesЧHas it a Future?
1984 Louis Williams George B. Craig, Jr. Man-Made Human Disease Problems: Tires & LaCrosse Virus.
1985 Thomas J. Headlee William R. Horsfall Mosquito Abatement in a Changing World.
1986 Marston Bates A. Ralph Barr The Basis of Mosquito Systematics.
1987 W. B. Herms Harold F. Gray Robert K. Washino
1988 John A. Mulrennan, Sr. Susan McIver Mosquitoes, Medicine & Memories.
1989 Brian Hocking John D. Edman Are Biting Flies Gourmet or Gourmand?
1990 John N. Belkin Thomas J. Zavortink Classical Taxonomy of MosquitoesЧA Memorial to John N. Belkin.
1991 E. S. Hathaway A. B. Ritter C. Lamar Meek Les Maringouins du Mech: The Legacy of Two Men.
1992 Sir Patrick Manson Bruce F. Eldridge The Man We Honor.
1993 W. V. King Ronald A. Ward Renaissance Man of Medical Entomology
1994 StanleyB. Freeman Mir S. Mulla Now & in the Future.
1995 Maurice T. James Wayne A. Rowley Maurice T. James.
1996 TelfordH. Work Charles A. Calisher TelfordH. WorkЧA Tribute.
1997 StanleyJ. Carpenter Lewis T. Nielsen In Honor ofStanleyCarpenter.
1998 George B. Craig, Jr. Robert J. Novak George Brownlee Craig.
1999 Allen Ralph Barr Andrew J Spielman
2000 John B. Smith Wayne J. Crans
2001 William R. Horsfall Jimmy K. Olson
2002 Edward F. Knipling Waldemar Klassen
2003 Kenneth L. Knight Ralph E. Harbach Mosquito systematics: From organism to molecules, a tribute to Kenneth L. Knight
2004 Donald Pletch David Dame
2005 William E. Hazeltine Bruce F. Eldridge
2006 William C. Reeves Grant R. Campbell
2007 Norman G. Gratz Graham B. White
2008 Andrew Spielman John Edman
2009 Lamar Meek C. Roxanne Connelly
2010 Harold C. Chapman Tokuo Fukuda
2011 H.G. Dyar, Ph.D. COL. Terry Klein, Ph. D.
2012 James D. Long John Welch
2013 Thomas Mulhern Randy Gaugler
2014 Founding Mothers of Mosquito Control Gordon Patterson
2015 Richard F. Darsie Jr. Jonathan F. Day
2016 Oscar Fultz Joe Conlon
2017 Dr. J.K. Olson William Sames
2018 Dr. Fred Knapp Dr. Steve Presley
2019  William Opp Gordon Patterson
2020  Lucas Terracina Scott Willis
2021  Lew Nielsen Sam Dickson and Mark Blackmore
2022  Gary Clark Dan Kline and Kenneth Linthicum
2023 Dan Strickman Mustapha Debboun
2024 Mir Mulla Tianyun Steven Su


Industry Award

Established in 1997, the Industry Award is presented to a representative of the mosquito/vector-related industry who has through his/her efforts advanced the work of mosquito and/or vector control or research.


1998   W. German (NJ)
1999 G. A. Mount (FL)
D. Boyd (GA)
D. W. Waldron (GA)
J. A. Waldron (GA)
2002 R. F. Richard (TX)
2003 A. W. Wooldridge (FL)
2004 John Clarke, Jr (IL)
2005 Ernest Dankwa
2006 Willie Cox
2007 Bob Bonnett
2009 Clarke Hudson
Bill Strange
2010 Peter Connelly
2011 David Sullivan (MT)
2012 Stephanie Whitman (WY)
2013 Larry Erickson (IL)
2014 Gerry Hutney (FL)
2015 Joe Strickhouser (NC)
2016 Dr. Terry Couch (FL)
2017 Malcom Williams (AR)
Clark Wood (IL)
2018  Larry Smith (FL)
2019  Peter DeChant (OR)
2020  Martin Geier
2021  Bill Reynolds
2022  Mark Newberg
2023  John Neberz
2024 Janice Stroud


Student Paper Competition Award

1989 Scott Willis McNeese State U.
1990 Andrea Brown Peru State Coll.
1991* John Paul Mutebi Notre Dame U.
1992* RosMarie Kelly U. Massachusetts
1993* Merry L. Holliday-Hanson U. California, Davis
1994* John E. Gimnig U. California, Davis
Alice Shaeffer *** U. Mainz, Germany
1995* Glen Scoles Notre Dame U.
Jittawadee Rochaeroen *** U. California, Riverside
1996* Esther Chow Schaeffer U. Maryland
1997* Lynn Cooper U. Maryland
1998** Roxanne Rutledge Louisiana State U.
Timothy Schaub *** U. Illinois
Emmalee Kennedy *** U. Illinois
1999** Laura Harrington U. Massachusetts
Adam S. Jones *** U. Massachusetts
Hillary Reno *** U. Illinois
2000** Jason L. Rasgon U. California Davis
Hope Q. Liu*** VPI
Linda M. Steyer*** U. California Davis
2001 No competition
2002** Laura B. Goddard U. California Davis
Sharon L. Minnick*** U. California Davis
Margaret Sherriffs*** Yale U.
2003** Sarah A. Yaremych U. Illinois
Jason L. Ragson*** U. California Davis
Laura B. Goddard*** U. California Davis
2004** Gregory M. Williams U. Delaware
Stephen Aspen*** Colorado State U
Christian Kaufmann*** U Zurich
2005** Wesley Rubio San Diego State University
Whitney Qualls*** Auburn University
Rebecca Trout*** University of Kentucky
2006** Robert D. Anderson University of Delaware
Linda O'Connor (First Runner Up) University of Delaware
Joshua R. Ogawa*** Oregon State University
Matthew Eaton*** Concordia College
2007** Jennifer Armistead University of Florida
Robert D. Anderson*** University of Delaware
Thomas M. Mascari*** Louisiana State University
Kristen Bartlett*** Rutgers University
2008** Jerome Schleier Montana State University
Christopher Barker*** University of California, Davis
Lisa Reimer*** University of California, Davis
2009 Alexandra Chaskopoulou University of Florida
Stephanie Larick*** University of Florida
2010 Sarah Wheeler University of California, Davis
Jimmy Mains* University of Kentucky
Holly Tuten* Clemson University
2011 Logan Minter** University of Kentucky
Kristen Meckel-Parker*** The San Diego County Vector Control Program
2012 Jerome Schleier** Montana State University
Elizabeth Andrews*** University of Kentucky
Jennifer Gordon*** University of Kentucky
Joseph Iburg*** University of Georgia
2013 Brian Johnson** Rutgers University
Andrea Egizi*** Rutgers University
Brittany Nelms*** UC Davis - CVEC
2014 James Ricci** University of California
Eva Buckner *** University of Florida
Allison Gardner *** University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
 2015  Maria Cristina Carrasquilla**  University of Florida
 Casey Parker***  University of Florida
 2016  Sydney Crawley***  University of Kentucky
 Lin Zhu***  University of Miami
 Cassandra Urquhart**  University of Tennessee
 2017  Adena Why**  University of California
 Evlyn Pless**
 Edmund Norris ***  Iowa State University
 2018  Annie Rich***  University of Georgia
 Katelyn Haydett***
 Jay Brown*
 Christopher Bibbs*  Anastasia Mosquito Control District
 Shiloh Judd**  Louisiana State University
 2019  Casey Parker**  University of Florida
 Edmund Norris*  University of Florida
 Meredith Beaulieu*  North Carolina State University
 Joshua Raji***  Florida International University
 Christopher Bibbs***  Anastasia Mosquito Control District
 2021  Timothy McNamara**
 Corey Day*
 Lindsey Baxter*
 Bob Aldridge***
 Olayika David***
 2022  Kristina Lopez**
 Nicole Foley
 Kristin Sloyer***
 Antonio Alvarado***
* $500 cash award presented to winner. ** Gerald Hollandsworth Prize. *** Honorable mention.


AMCA Officers, Executive Directors, and Editors

AMCA Presidents

1935-1939 Thomas J. Headlee, PhD* 1982-1983 Richard C. Axtell, PhD
1939-1940 Christian T. Williamson* 1983-1984 Jimmy K. Olson, PhD
1940-1942 Louis A. Stearsn* 1984-1985 Gilbert L. Challet
1942-1944 Robert C. Botsford* 1985-1986 T. Oscar Fultz
1944-1945 Robert L. Vannote 1986-1987 Donald J. Sutherland, PhD
1945-1946 Perry W. Ruth 1987-1988 George B. Craig, Jr., PhD
1946-1947 Harry H. Stage 1988-1989 Bruce F. Eldridge, PhD
1947-1949 H. Duke Peters 1989-1990 Judy A. Hansen
1949-1950 Harold F. Gray, PhD 1990-1991 Robert D. Sjogren
1950-1951 Lester W. Smith 1991-1992 Matthew Yates
1951-1952 Don M. Rees, PhD 1992-1993 Cyrus R. Lesser
1952-1953 C. R. Twinn 1993-1994 John A. Mulrennan, Jr., PhD
1953-1954 F. C. Bishopp 1994-1995 Chester G. Moore, PhD
1954-1955 Rowland F. Dorer 1995-1996 John D. Edman, PhD
1955-1956 Richard F. Peters, PhD 1996-1997 Robert J. Novak, PhD
1956-1957 Fred L. Stutz 1997-1998 Gary G. Clark, PhD
1957-1958 A. W. Lindquist 1998-1999 Dan Ariaz
1958-1959 John M. Hirst 1999-2000 William J. Zawicki
1959-1960 A. Hess 2000-2001 David A. Dame, PhD
1960-1961 Daniel M. Jobbins, PhD 2001-2002 Sammie L. Dickson, PhD
1961-1962 William E. Bickley, PhD 2002-2003 David A. Brown
1962-1963 Arthur W. Geib 2003-2004 Fred Knapp, PhD
1963-1964 Don W. Micks 2004-2005 Roger Nasci, PhD
1964-1965 John A. Mulrennan, Sr. 2005-2006 William R. Opp
1965-1966 A. W. A. Brown, PhD 2006-2007 Joseph Sanzone
1966-1967 Jay E. Graham 2007-2008 Gene Payne
1967-1968 Harry D. Pratt, PhD 2008-2009 Major S. Dhillon, PhD
1968-1969 Thomas D. Mulhern 2009-2010 Doug Carlson
1969-1970 George T. Carmichael 2010-2011 Janet McAllister, PhD
1970-1971 A. W. Buzicky 2011-2012 William Meredith, PhD
1971-1972 Andrew J. Rogers 2012-2013 Tom Wilmot, PhD
1972-1973 Glen C. Collett 2013-2014 Roxanne Connelly, PhD
1973-1974 Kenneth L. Knight, PhD 2014-2015 Steve Mulligan
1974-1975 Robert M. Altman 2015-2016 Kenneth Linthicum, PhD
1975-1976 Harold C. Chapman, PhD 2016-2017 Stanton Cope, PhD
1976-1977 D. Bruce Francy, PhD 2017-2018 Wayne Gale
1977-1978 Lewis T. Nielsen, PhD 2018-2019 William E. Walton, PhD
1978-1979 Paul J. Hunt 2019-2020 Jason Kinley
1979-1980 Glen M. Stokes 2020-2021 Ary Faraji, PhD
1980-1981 Robert K. Washino, PhD 2021-2022 Mark Breidenbaugh, PhD
 1981-1982 Claude H. Schmidt, PhD 2022-2023 Dennis Wallette

* Eastern Association of Mosquito Control Workers


AMCA Treasurers

1935-1943 T. D. Mulhern*
1944-1950 T. D. Mulhern
1951-1953 R. E. Dorer
1954-1964 L. W. Smith
1965-1979 W. D. Murray
1980-1985 J. R. Caton
1985-1986 D. C. White
1986-1988 C. L. Meek
1989-1994 J. Billodeaux
1994- 2000 C. T. Palmisano
2000 to 2011 A. D. Inman
2011 to 2023 G. Hatch

* Eastern Association of Mosquito Control Workers



Secretary, Executive Secretary, Executive Director

1935-1943 T. D. Mulhern* Secretary
1944-1950 T. D. Mulhern Secretary
1950-1952 T. D. Mulhern Executive Secretary
1953-1973 T. G. Raley Executive Secretary
1973 T. G. Raley Executive Director
1974-1978 T. D. Mulhern Executive Director
1979-1980 W. D. Murray Executive Director
1980-1985 T. D. Mulhern Executive Director
1986-1991 H. C. Chapman Executive Director
1991 L. G. Terracina Acting Executive Director
1992 M. Vinsand Executive Director
1992-1993 H. C. Chapman Executive Director
1993-1994 L. G. Terracina Acting Executive Director
1994-1995 R. T. Graham Executive Director
2006 – 2015 Sarah Gazi, CAE Executive Director
2015 - 2016 Lori Jenssen Executive Director
2016 - 2017 William Schankel, CAE Executive Director
2017 - 2019 Heather Gosciniak Executive Director
2019 - 2020 David Butler Executive Director
2020 - Present Megan MacNee, CAE Executive Director
 * Eastern Association of Mosquito Control Workers



Technical Advisor

2000 - 2020 - Joseph Conlon

2020 - 2022 - David Brown

2022 - present - Dan Markowski


Editors of Mosquito News* & Journal of AMCA

1941 Edited by the Publications Committee, L. W. Smith, Chair**
1942-1943 Edited by the Publications Committee, R. J. Vanderwerker, Chair**
1944 Edited by the Publications Committee, J. T. Hart, Jr., Chair*#
1944-1948 R. D. Glascow
1949-1973 D. L. Collins
1973-1981 W. E. Bickley
1981-1996 R. A. Ward
1996-1998 R. K. Washino
1999-2003 B. F. Eldridge
2003-2006 Ken Linthicum
2007 - Present Lal S. Mian
* Mosquito News became the Journal of AMCA in 1985
** Publication of the Eastern Association of Mosquito Control Workers
# Volume 4, Number 1 was edited by the Publications Committee; subsequent volumes had a single editor.


Editors of Mosquito Systematics

1969-1979 K. L. Knight
1979-1992 L. T. Nielsen
1992-1993 L. T. Nielsen & R. Harbach, co-editors
1993-1995** T. J. Zavortink editor and L.T. Nielsen editor emeritus
* Prior to 1973 Mosquito Systematics was named Mosquito Systematics Newsletter
** In 1995 this publication was discontinued