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Annual Meeting Committee
Rue-De Xue, Chair

Archives Committee
Scott Crans, Chair

Bylaws & Policy Committee

Diversity & Inclusivity Sub-Committee
Mary-Joy Coburn

Executive Committee
Kristen Healy, Chair

Finance Committee
Gary Goodman, Chair

Legislative & Regulatory Committee
Angela Beehler, Co-Chair and Mark Clifton, Co-Chair

ESA/ Pollinators Subcommittee
Mark Clifton, Chair

Chemical Control Subcommittee
Nina Dacko, Co-Chair

Clean Water Act Subcommittee
Gary Goodman, Chair

Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP) Subcommittee
Gabrielle Sakolsky, Chair

Washington Conference Subcommittee
Mark Breidenbaugh, Chair

Federal Lands Subcommittee
William Meredith, Chair

Federal Funding Subcommittee
Gary Goodman, Chair

Unmanned Aircraft Systems  Subcommittee
Joel Buettner

Member Education Committee
Isik Unlu, Chair 

Membership Committee
Megan MacNee, Chair

Nominating / Awards Committee
Dennis Wallette, Chair

John N. Belkin Award Subcommittee
Larry Hribar, Chair

Industry Award Subcommittee
Broox Boze, Chair

Boyd-Ariaz Grassroots Award Subcommittee
Jim Lunders, Chair

Public Relations Committee
Dan Markowski, Chair

Publications Committee
Whitney Qualls Chair

JAMCA Editorial Board
Michelle Brown, Chair

Newsletter Editorial Board
Clark Wood, Chair

Special Publications Subcommittee
Whitney Qualls, Chair

Science & Technology Committee
Jennifer Henke, Chair

Young Professionals Committee
Chloe Wang Co-Chair and Kyndall Braumuller, Co-Chair

Young Professionals Advisor