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Virtual Training Program

AMCA's Best Practices for Integrated Mosquito Management Virtual Training Program

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Launched in October 2023, AMCA's Best Practices for Integrated Mosquito Management Virtual Training Program is a comprehensive resource designed to enhance your skills, advance your mosquito control programs, and elevate public health protection.

Mosquito control is crucial in protecting communities from vector-borne diseases and ensuring public well-being. The AMCA Virtual Training Program is your gateway to mastering the science-based approach to mosquito control. Developed with generous funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this program offers a holistic learning experience.

Key Program Features

Expert Instructors: Gain insights from 24 leading experts located across the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Australia, covering essential aspects of mosquito control.

Flexible Learning: With 13 modules, each taking up to two hours, tailor your learning pace to your schedule.

Comprehensive Certification: Upon program completion, opt to take a 100-question exam to earn a certificate, showcasing your mastery of integrated mosquito management.

Benefits for Participants

  1. Program Advancement: Incorporate the latest science-based strategies and best practices into your mosquito control initiatives.
  2. Staff Training: Empower your team with valuable knowledge and skills that are essential for effective mosquito control. Whether you have seasoned professionals or newcomers, this program offers a wealth of insights.
  3. Public Health Impact: By mastering integrated mosquito management, you contribute to protecting communities from mosquito-borne diseases and advancing public health.

Modules Overview

  • Fundamentals of Mosquito Biology and Ecology: Understand the mosquito life cycle and behavior to locate and control both immature and adult mosquitoes.
  • Mosquitoes and Disease Transmission: Explore the role mosquitoes play in disease transmission and the importance of an integrated approach to protect communities.
  • The 5 Principles of Integrated Mosquito Management: Delve into community engagement, data collection, habitat reduction, control methods, and program evaluation.
  • Practical Applications: Learn how to perform various components of integrated mosquito management effectively.
  • Additional Resources: Access valuable information needed for science-based mosquito control.

Upcoming Webinar

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Archived Webinars

AMCA provides real-time, live online learning through webinars. Subject matter experts discuss hot-topics in the mosquito and vector control industry. Current and archived Webinars are free for AMCA members. Non-members may access the webinars for a nominal registration fee. Each webinar is one-hour in length.

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