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The American Mosquito Control Association provides a variety of resources for both the public and mosquito control and public health professionals. Below you'll find a summary of the various resources and where you can find them.

AMCA produces a variety of training manuals, webinars, and training modules. AMCA focuses on the development and distribution of Best Management Practices for Integrated Mosquito Control. Find our manuals and training resources here.

One of the top roles of mosquito control and public health professionals is communicating with the public. Whether it is updating the public on your agency's activities, addressing public concerns, educating the public on mosquito control, or talking with the press, AMCA has created resources to help assist professionals in the field. Find the resources here.

Each year since 2018, the AMCA Research Fund has supported two projects around the country that will lead to new tools and strategies for mosquito surveillance and control and ultimately protecting the public from mosquito-borne disease and discomfort from mosquito bites.

The AMCA Research Fund focuses on supporting mosquito & vector research that otherwise goes overlooked and advancing our young investigators & the future of the field.

Learn more about our annual funding opportunities as well as how you can support the AMCARF here.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Beyond the AMCA Research Fund, there are many sponsorships in the field, particularly for undergraduate and graduate students. AMCA collects information on these opportunities and you can find them here.

Whether you are looking to learn more about mosquitos themselves, repellants and traps, how you can help in the fight against vector-borne diseases, what mosquito control professionals do, and much more, AMCA has a variety of resources available for you. Click here.