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Scholarship Opportunities

If you have mosquito research scholarships for undergraduate or graduate level studies that you would like to post on this website, please contact


Lewis T. Graham - Student Research Award
Research topic: Any area of mosquito biology or control.

Eligible students: All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in public or private schools in the State of Louisiana are eligible to apply.

Award: $700 to be used for research or associated educational costs.


C. Lamar Meek - Memorial Scholarship
Research topic: Scholarship to one graduate student each year to promote and encourage research relating to mosquito biology or control.

Eligible students: Open to graduate students in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas.

Award: $1,500


Operational Research Fund
These grants provide seed money to researchers in building databases for the next level of research and/or to allow grantees to use data to encourage collaboration and leverage to further research.  Projects are generally completed within 1-2 years of funding.  Special attention is given to projects that are developing solutions to an identified vector-borne disease or mosquito control problem or need in Louisiana.  Preference will be given to projects that contribute directly to an improved public health climate in Louisiana.



Kenly Farrel Memorial Scholarship
Research topic: To assist a student financially towards a higher education in Natural Science or a related field.

Eligible students: College-bound high school senior or college undergraduate; Michigan resident.

Award: $1,000 First Place; $250 Second Place

Contact: (989) 894-4555 for more information or visit Kenly Farrel Memorial Scholarship.

William J. Lechel, II Memorial Scholarship
Research topic: To assist a student financially towards a higher education in Natural Science or a related field.

Eligible students: Enrolled in a US undergraduate or graduate college/university program.

Award: $1,000 First Place

Contact: (989) 894-4555 for more information or visit William J. Lechel, II Memorial Scholarship.


NJMCA Daniel M. Jobbins Scholarship
Research topic: Mosquito research of graduate students.

Eligible students: Rutgers, The State of New Jersey

Award: $4,000

Contact: Sean Healy, NJMCA Scholarship Committee, Phone: 732-542-3630, Fax: 732-542-3267, or email:

NJMCA Educational Scholarship
Research topic: Research of graduate students in a curriculum that may be peripheral to mosquito control but whose research uses or impacts mosquitoes in a manner that contributes new information to the mosquito control community.

Eligible students: Students enrolled in a graduate program at a College/University in New Jersey.

Award: $1,000

Contact: Sean Healy, NJMCA Scholarship Committee, Phone: 732-542-3630, Fax: 732-542-3267, or email:


The Jobbins Scholarship
Research topic: Area relevant to mosquito or biting fly control in the Northeast. (wetlands biology-ecology, entomology, or vector parasitology) Studies may range from purely ecological to strict vector control.

Eligible students: Conducting research in the Northeast U.S.; Candidates whose work is at any stage of completion.

Award: Not to exceed $2,000

Contact: For more information go to


James Gus Foyle Memorial Scholarship
Research topic: Research relating to mosquitoes, insects, or disease transmission related thereto.

Eligible students: Enrolled in college or University in the state of Texas

Award: $1,000

Contact: For more information go to


In 1988, AMCA held the first student paper symposium at the annual meeting to focus on the contributions of AMCA student members. The Board of Directors approved the first student paper competition for the 1989 meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. Excluding 2001, the competition has been a recurring symposium during the AMCA Annual Meeting. Dr. Roger Nasci was the organizer and moderator from the first competition in 1989 until he was elected Vice-President of the AMCA in 2002. Dr. Roxanne Rutledge is currently serving as the competition organizer and moderator.

In 1997, the AMCA Board of Directors accepted a motion to designate the first place winner of the AMCA student paper competition as the winner of the Hollandsworth prize. This prize includes a $500.00 cash award. Additionally, two honorable mention prizes of $250.00 each were made available to be awarded at the discretion of the judges for each competition.

The Hollandsworth prize is named in honor of Gerald Hollandsworth, an active AMCA member from Pueblo, Colorado, who passed away in 1988. Gerald worked in the Environmental Health field with the Pueblo City-County Health Department and was a past president of the West Central Mosquito and Vector Control Association. The Hollandsworth family has funded this award in an effort to further encourage student participation in the AMCA national meeting.

In 2003, the AMCA Board of Directors voted to increase the prize money for winners of the competition and added $500.00 to the total cash award that the Hollandsworth winner receives bringing that prize to $1000.00 with $500.00 available for 2 honorable mention awards.



1989 Scott Willis McNeese State U.
1990 Andrea Brown Peru State Coll.
1991* John Paul Mutebi Notre Dame U.
1992* RosMarie Kelly U. Massachusetts
1993* Merry L. Holliday-Hanson U. California, Davis
1994* John E. Gimnig U. California, Davis
Alice Shaeffer *** U. Mainz, Germany
1995* Glen Scoles Notre Dame U.
Jittawadee Rochaeroen *** U. California, Riverside
1996* Esther Chow Schaeffer U. Maryland
1997* Lynn Cooper U. Maryland
1998** Roxanne Rutledge Louisiana State U.
Timothy Schaub *** U. Illinois
Emmalee Kennedy *** U. Illinois
1999** Laura Harrington U. Massachusetts
Adam S. Jones *** U. Massachusetts
Hillary Reno *** U. Illinois
2000** Jason L. Rasgon U. California Davis
Hope Q. Liu*** VPI
Linda M. Steyer*** U. California Davis
2001 No competition
2002** Laura B. Goddard U. California Davis
Sharon L. Minnick*** U. California Davis
Margaret Sherriffs*** Yale U.
2003** Sarah A. Yaremych U. Illinois
Jason L. Ragson*** U. California Davis
Laura B. Goddard*** U. California Davis
2004** Gregory M. Williams U. Delaware
Stephen Aspen*** Colorado State U
Christian Kaufmann*** U Zurich
2005** Wesley Rubio San Diego State University
Whitney Qualls*** Auburn University
Rebecca Trout*** University of Kentucky
2006** Robert D. Anderson University of Delaware
Linda O'Connor (First Runner Up) University of Delaware
Joshua R. Ogawa*** Oregon State University
Matthew Eaton*** Concordia College
2007** Jennifer Armistead University of Florida
Robert D. Anderson*** University of Delaware
Thomas M. Mascari*** Louisiana State University
Kristen Bartlett*** Rutgers University
2008** Jerome Schleier Montana State University
Christopher Barker*** University of California, Davis
Lisa Reimer*** University of California, Davis
2009 Alexandra Chaskopoulou University of Florida
Stephanie Larick*** University of Florida
2010 Sarah Wheeler University of California, Davis
Jimmy Mains* University of Kentucky
Holly Tuten* Clemson University
2011 Logan Minter** University of Kentucky
Kristen Meckel-Parker*** The San Diego County Vector Control Program
2012 Jerome Schleier** Montana State University
Elizabeth Andrews*** University of Kentucky
Jennifer Gordon*** University of Kentucky
Joseph Iburg*** University of Georgia
2013 Brian Johnson Rutgers University
Andrea Igizi Rutgers University
Brittany Nelms UC Davis - CVEC
2014 James Ricci** University of California
Eva Buckner *** University of Florida
Allison Gardner *** University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
2015 Maria Christina Carrasquilla ** University of Florida
Casey Parker *** University of Florida
2016 Sydney Crawley ** University of Kentucky
Lin Zhu *** University of Miami
CassandraUrquhart *** University of Tennessee
2017 Edmund Norris ** Iowa State University
Adena Why *** University of California, Riverside
Evlyn Pless ***
* $500 cash award presented to winner. ** Gerald Hollandsworth Prize. *** Honorable mention.