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Unmanned Aerial Systems

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The primary goals of AMCA's Drone Program is to create clear and consistent regulatory compliance processes for AMCA members to use UAS (drones) safely, legally, and responsibly.  We will also provide accessible and relevant training resources for AMCA members and encourage advancement of technologies that benefit our members.

Why participate in our Drone Program?

Regulatory Compliance Support

Obtain standardized regulatory support to improve regulatory compliance and reduce barriers for AMCA members’ use of drones.

Training Program

AMCA will create and deliver training modules provided to the public and AMCA members.

Communication and Engagement

Get information and updates that are shared among AMCA members and stakeholders.

AMCA's Steering Committee creates opportunities for engagement with interested parties who wish to contribute to the AMCA Drone Program.

UAS Program Steering Committee

Click to see the members of the 2024 UAS Steering Committee

FAA Reporting Links (coming soon)

Drone Program Members List (coming soon)

Requirements for Participation

1. Register with AMCA to participate in Drone Program

  • Early adopters must be public agency, sustaining members of AMCA.
  • Other membership types and participant expansion will be added in the future.

2. UAS Requirements

  • Register UAS Part 47 or 48
  • Must be under 55 lbs. or on 44807 approved list.
  • Must comply with any applicable local/state laws.

3. Pilot Requirements

  • Part 107 certification.
  • Pilots must have applicable local/state certification.
  • AMCA required training - to be developed.

4. Agency Requirements

  • For spray missions, Public Aircraft Operations COA or Part 137 Operating Permit
  • Flight Operations and Training Manuals.
  • Liability Insurance Policy for UAS operations. Hull coverage (optional)
  • AMCA required training TBD.

5. Data reporting

  • Monthly flight data reporting to AMCA data aggregated and sent to FAA via ADX
  • Incident/Accident report NASA ASRS reporting: NASA ASRS REPORT LINK and AC-00-46F
  • Major Accident report NTSB/FAA