Sustaining Member List

AMCA's Sustaining Members

Mosquito Control Districts



Application Dynamics

Becker Microbial Products, Inc


Central Life Sciences

Curtis Dyna-Fog, Ltd.

Deet Education Program

FMC Corporation

Leading Edge Associates, Inc.

London Fog Inc.


Target Specialty Products

Univar USA

Valent Biosciences Corp.

Vector Disease Control International


Regional/State Associations

Georgia MCA

Hawaii Dept. of Health

Idaho MVCA

Louisiana MCA

Mid-Atlantic MCA

Nebraska MVCA

New Jersey MCA

North Carolina MVCA

Northeastern MCA

Northwest MVCA

Pennsylvania VCA

Texas MCA

Utah MAA

Virginia MCA

Wyoming MMA


State Agencies

Delaware Mosquito Control Section

New Jersey State Mosquito Control Commission



Adams County MCD

Alameda County MAD

Alamosa MCD

Anastasia MCD

Animas MCD

Atlantic County MC

Baker Valley VCD

Beach MCD

Benton County MC

BLSG Insect Control Dist.

Box Elder MAD

Butte County MVCD

Canyon County MAD

Citrus County MCD

City of New Orleans Mosquito & Termite Control

Coachella Valley MVCD

Collier MCD

Consolidated MAD

Contra Costa MVCD

Davis County MAD

Delano MAD

East Baton Rouge MARC

East Flagler MCD

East Side MAD

Essex County Division of Environmental Affairs

Florida Keys MCD

Fresno Westside MAD

Gloucester County MCC

Greater Los Angeles County VCD

Hillsborough County Mosquito Control

Iberia Parish MAD

Indian River MCD

Jackson County VCD

Lee County MCD

Macon MAD

Madison County MAD

Magna MAD

Manatee County MCD

Marin/Sonoma MVCD

Merced County MAD

Mercer County MC

Metropolitan MCD

North Morrow VCD

North Shore MAD

Northwest MAD

Orange County MVCD

Pasco County MCD

Placer MVCD

Sacramento-Yolo MVCD

Saddle Creek Community Services District

Salt Lake City MAD

San Mateo County MAD

Santa Barbara MVMD

Santa Clara VCD

Shasta MVCD

South Cook County MAD

South Salt Lake Valley MAD

South Walton CMCD

Southwest MAD

St. Lucie County MCD

Sutter-Yuba MVCD

Tangipahoa Parish MAD

Teton County Weed & Pest

Toledo Area SD

Warren County MC

West Side MVCD

West Umatilla MVCD

West Valley MVCD